About Play2sell

Brief history

Play2sell was created in San Francisco – California – in 2017. After co-founding and selling two software companies for the real estate market, economist and serial entrepreneur Felipe dos Santos, went to live in Silicon Valley, looking for inspiration for next businesses. There isn´t a better place to innovate, is it?

After graduating from the Founder Institute acceleration program, Play2sell debuted as the fastest funded startup in the program. In addition to Jupter, NB Capital and LAAS, the angels of Resh, a group from ABMI – also participated in this round, whose objective was to validate the product and the market, in addition to reaching the break even point. See the StartSe article.

After reaching the objectives set for the first year, the company closed the second round of investments, with the participation of NB Capital and LAAS (follow on), Bossa Nova Investimentos, and a group of angel investors. The goal was to strengthen operations in the real estate market and validate new verticals. See the article from Startupi.

Recently, with the Coronavirus crisis, Play2sell created a free game to support the population in preventing the virus, as well as in identifying fake news. See here one of the articles about it, published by Forbes.


Play2sell is an EdTech that exists to transform education, reinventing traditional training with fun and engaging games. Nothing better than learning while playing!


We have a strong group of professionals focused on creating solutions for users to have fun while training!

Felipe dos Santos

Gabriela Giove Griggio

Joice Santos

Beatriz Hass

Mariana Araújo

Paula Telis

Leandro Leal

Pedro Martines