Investor Relations

Advisory Board


We hold monthly consultative board meetings. The board consists of the CEO, Felipe dos Santos and two representatives of the investors. The members of this board are available to talking to other stakeholders.


Investor reports


For greater transparency, we prepare with investors quarterly reports in the first and second round together with the members of the advisory board. The report is structured with a message from management, informing about the highlights and lowlights of the period, the sales funnel, the recurring billing graph and a message about the goals for the next quarter. It is sent until the 15th day of the following month. The financial data is accrual basis, that is, based on the income statement for the year for the referred quarter.


Access platform to financial data


In addition to quarterly reports, we provide access to cash financial data at any time, through a specific platform. We use so that investors can track cash data on a monthly basis. To access, just click the button below. In case of requests for access or questions, just send a message using the contact form below.


Future investment rounds


If you are an investor and want to register to receive information about future funding, just send your details below and we will contact you.