How the Play2sell game Can Train Your Team Of Brokers To Sell More

How the Play2sell game Can Train Your Team Of Brokers To Sell More

Everyone wants to sell more, but few really know how to do it. Many companies invest in a series of promotions and gimmicks trying to get better results. But all of this is worthless if your sales team is not ready.

In real estate it’s even worse. So much so that conversion rates in this sector are only 1% on average. Many become realtors because were unemployed and chose this role because were unable do relocate. This way, most of them not prepared. And because the routine is so scruciating they find few possibilities of qualification.

And the situation only gets worse because, with the internet, consumers are very well informed. More often than not, clients have more information than the brokers.

Selling more requires a lot of effort. But to get there it is essential to qualify the workforce. That’s where training comes in.

The problem is that traditional training solutions are no longer engaging: most brokers do not attend trainings or just keep looking at their phones. In addition, traditional training has no continuity, people end up forgetting the content.

Not to mention that in order to perform an in-person training, it is necessary to take everyone from the workplace. And it is not possible to measure whether or not they have actually learned. A waste of time and money on an outdated model created hundreds of years ago that urgently needs to be updated.

To solve this problem we created the Play2sell app, which offers training with gamification on the mobile phone so that brokers can use it whenever and wherever he wants. With games and sales incentive programs, brokers remain engaged. And besides the learning benefit it also offers the possibility of winning real prizes and praze among colleagues.

With the Play2Sell app you can teach real estate agents with a variety of subjects: from product details (real estate and business) to customer service, sales techniques, NLP negotiation, focus, real estate finance, social media marketing and much more. .

Finally, the app offers usage and performance metrics, showing who is really learning and engaged.

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